The Importance of Self-care

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Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

Self-care is a way for us to reset our mind and body. Just like nature resets by changing seasons, we also need to hit that reset button. I love going for walks outside and incorporating short meditations in my everyday schedule. Listening to music or podcasts is another way for me to shift my thoughts and overall energy. According to Mindfullnes Muse these top 10 self-care strategies that will help you hit that reset button:

(1) Eat healthy foods

(2) Get between 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night

(3) Engage in regular physical activity

(4) Maintain social support

(5) Cultivate hobbies

(6) Keep your mind active and sharp

(7) Reframe life circumstances in more positive, yet realistic, ways

(8) Regulate your emotions and learn how to process them

(9) Practice regular moments of mindful awareness

(10) Take time out to reflect on how you are living your values


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